EUDR Compliance

European Deforestation Regulation

The EU Regulation on Deforestation-Free Products (EUDR) has been
approved, with the ​final text expected to enter into force in June/July 2023.
​It should be demonstrated that the products imported into the EU do not
come/contain from land that was deforested after 31 December 2020.

What makes this law different?

This legislation sets mandatory due diligence standards to level the playing field. The onus is on companies to prove that the relevant commodities are both deforestation-free and legal (compliant with all relevant applicable laws in force in the country of production). It is essential to have accurate data to prove that no deforestation has occurred after the cut-off date before shipments are made.

What you need to do for EUDR compliance?

  • Ensure that relevant commodities and products are deforestation-free & produced in accordance with the relevant legislation of the country of production

  • Companies are required to submit Due Diligence Statement – policies, controls and procedures to mitigate and manage effectively the risks of non-compliance

Due Diligence System:

  • Risk management practices, reporting, record-keeping, internal control and compliance managemen

  • Appointment of a compliance officer at management level;

  • Independent audit function to check the internal policies, controls and procedures

  • Keep 5-year records of Due Diligence Statement and Due Diligence System

  • Risk assessments – documented, reviewed annually, and available upon request to authorities

How can
Agridence help?

Our current userbase includes many of the tire makers who will need to comply with EUDR as the EU is a key market for them – we are in a unique position to provide common infrastructure and tools for them and their suppliers to comply to EUDR requirements​.

We develop tailored solutions to meet the industry’s needs and want to include EUDR and other relevant regulations into our solutions – our product suite touches on the physical trading and supplier data collection workflows which are critical elements for EUDR and other supply chain due diligence regulations.

Do reach out to us if you would like to find out more about our products.